‘Disenchanted‎’ releases new clips, polite and awkward greetings between old acquaintances


‘Disenchanted‎’ releases clips, polite and awkward greetings between old acquaintances. The film will be launched on Disney+ on November 18.

In a new clip released by the studio, Giselle, Robert, and Morgan get a visit from Prince Edward and his wife Nancy.

The clip hilariously highlights the Prince’s questionable understanding of the real world, as he points at the house and asks Robert, “are you poor now?” To which Giselle explains, “it’s a fixer-upper.”

The upcoming feature is sure to capitalize on moments like these while telling a new tale set between the worlds.

Set a decade after the events of the original film, Disenchanted follows Giselle and her family settling in the sleepy suburban community, in search of a more fairytale life.

But she soon grows dissatisfied with her new life and frustrated that her happily ever after is not so easy to find, so she turns to Andalasian magic for help.

Things take a turn when the spell goes wrong, and now she has to save her new home and Andalasia from doom before the clock strikes twelve.

The previously released trailer promises Disenchanted will be a worthy successor of Enchanted as it recaptures the magic of the original film.

It also teases an unexpected twist as Giselle starts to become a ‘wicked stepmother’ towards Morgan after her wish goes astray. It has also been confirmed that the movie will feature seven new, original songs.

The feature stars returning cast members Amy Adams as Giselle, Patrick Dempsey as Robert, James Marsden as Prince Edward, while newcomer Idina Menzel plays Nancy Tremaine, who is married to Prince Edward and Gabriella Baldacchino as adult Morgan.

New cast members include Maya Rudolph as the villain, Malvina, Yvette Nicole Brown as Rosaleen, Jayma Mays as Ruby, and Griffin Newman as the voice of Pip. Oscar Nunez and Kolton Stewart also star.

Adam Shankman directs Disenchanted from a screenplay by Brigitte Hales, based on an original story by David N. Weiss, J. David Stem and Richard LaGravenese.

With a stellar cast and crew behind the movie, it’s undoubtedly a film that will entertain young and old fans alike.

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