‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ has started streaming on Paramount+


The crime feature BAU squad returns with the resurrection of the acclaimed crime drama series ‘Criminal Minds’ for a new season of ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ which has newly started to go live on the streamer Paramount+.

Under the epidemic, a network of serial killers, the toughest and deepest case came to light.

The new season features 10 episodes with cast members Joe “Rossi” Mantegna, Kirsten “Garcia” Vangsness, Adam “Luke Alvez” Rodriguez “JJ” A.J. Cook, “Tara Lewis” Aisha Tyler, “Emily” Paget Brewster and ‘Criminal Minds’ long-term creators

‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ follows the FBI’s elite criminal feature team as they encounter the biggest threat of their careers, a killer who uses an epidemic to build a network of serial killers linked to other serial killers.

And as the world reopens and this network comes into play, the profiling team must follow one murder after another and bring them to justice.

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