Chris Evans shares a selfie he took on the set of ‘Red One‎’


Chris Evans has shared a BTS photo of his set chair in the upcoming action-adventure holiday movie, ‘Red One’, marking the start of its filming.

Chris Evans has begun filming on the set of Red One, an action-adventure holiday movie set to release in 2023.

The cast and crew of the film have kept its plot details under lock and key, with nothing but a short synopsis detailing a vague premise of the movie.

Red One has been described as a globe-trotting action-adventure comedy that will appeal to all movie fans while redefining the holiday movie genre.

Nothing else except for some casting details has been released, with Evans costarring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Liu.

Chris Evans shares a selfie he took on the set of 'Red One‎' | FMV6

Evans is coming off the success of The Gray Man, one of Evans’ latest hit action films. This blockbuster follows CIA agent Sierra Six (played by Ryan Gosling) after he learns too much about his new boss, Denny Carmichael.

Sierra Six begins to go on the run while being chased around the world by Denny’s hired assassin Lloyd Hansen, played by Evans.

The film is just one of the action movies that Evans has worked on as of late, following his stint as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With his experience and popularity within this genre, taking on Red One comes as no surprise to viewers.

Evans has shared a behind-the-scenes photo of his set chair for Red One, sporting classic holiday colors and an appropriately themed font. The ‘R1’ graphic on the chair is most likely a temporary logo the film is using during production, representing the movie’s title.

This photo marks the official date that Evans has begun to film for the show, implying that the movie is right on track for its late 2023 release. See Evans’ post above.

With Evans and Johnson being the big names tied to the film, audiences can expect a good mix of action and comedy from their characters.

A producer of the film has described Red One to be akin to the feeling that Guardians of the Galaxy has, which itself was a smashing success for its blend of comedy and action.

The title Red One implies that Santa Claus might be featured, or that he could even be a main character within the story.

As the film was described as a comedy, seeing Evans and Johnson try and take down Santa Claus (or team up with him to stop an evil force) would be both hilarious and action-packed.

Despite the lack of information on what the movie’s plot will be, the success of The Gray Man and Johnson’s latest action movies like Jungle Cruise and Jumanji promise great acting and action for the movie.

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