Aquaman Might Not Make a Third Movie, ‘Man of Steel 2’ May Be Canceled


THR’s new DC Pictures plans and “‘Wonder Woman 3’ cancelled”. Reports say: the new head of DC Pictures James Gunn & Peter Safran will meet with Warner big leader David Zaslav to discuss the future plans of DC Pictures.

The report broke some possibilities: Zack Snyder universe closed; ‘Aquaman’ single movie no third; ‘Untitled Superman Project’ will also be called off, Henry Cavill’s Superman in DC prospects become uncertain again.

Aquaman Might Not Make a Third Movie, 'Man of Steel 2' May Be Canceled | FMV6

The source also said that because the meeting has not yet opened, these possibilities have not yet become reality: – not long ago Henry Cavill as Superman returned to the DC Universe, in ‘Black Adam’ as a guest star, he himself also officially announced his return, continue to play Superman.

It was then revealed that a sequel to the Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’ starring him had been in development after many years.

But now this report says: ‘Man of Steel 2’ is indeed put into development, and is also relatively recent, Warner Pictures new executives are even planning a new ‘Justice League’ movie.

But all of this started before James Gunn and Safran took office, and now the situation may have changed.

Aquaman Might Not Make a Third Movie, 'Man of Steel 2' May Be Canceled | FMV6

(But reports also stress that James Gunn and Safran’s plans are unclear and in flux.) Both Superman and Aquaman were previously scheduled to make cameos in ‘The Flash’ movie, with Cavill shooting a cameo in September.

But the source says there is currently discussion within Warner about whether to keep his cameo, and if the scene is kept, whether it hints at something Warner doesn’t plan to achieve.

A Warner inside source stressed: None of these plans have been put into effect yet, and ‘The Flash’ is also subject to change.

The opportunity to bring Cavill’s version of Superman back to the DC Universe – ‘Black Adam’ is also in trouble, the film did not perform well at the box office, “whether it can pay back” is now a hot topic of discussion in Hollywood. Reports indicate that a sequel to ‘Black Adam’ is unlikely to happen.

Jason Momoa starring ‘Aquaman’ series may also be coming to an end, multiple sources said: there is a possibility that the last in the series is the already finished ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ (next Christmas Northern America release), the film is also the last film in the phase before the new leadership takes office.

But Momoa will continue to be involved in DC movies, and sources say he could star in another DC movie or series: a standalone film for Lobo. Some believe Lobo is the kind of character James Gunn and Safran want to push.

Observers believe DC Films’ future plans call for an interconnected crossover universe of stories, and Safran is said to be recruiting a creative think tank already.

Fury of the Gods’ ‘Blue Beetle’, while Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman 2’ are not affected by the leadership change.

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