Media Analysis Why ‘Black Adam’ Failed: Johnson Wasn’t the Savior DCU Needed

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The DC superhero movie ‘Black Adam’ has officially gone live for streaming. The film has now grossed $158 million at the Northern America box office and $367 million worldwide.

Black Adam’ has a Rotten Tomatoes fresh rating of 39% and an IMDb rating of 6.9. Some media believe that the current performance of ‘Black Adam’ can be described as a double loss at the box office, and summarized five reasons.

Media Analysis Why 'Black Adam' Failed: Johnson Wasn't the Savior DCU Needed | FMV6

First, the media believes Johnson’s influence may not be as great as we think.

The media said we thought Johnson was a superstar for a long time, but ‘Black Adam’ Northern America’s opening weekend of $67 million set a record for the opening weekend of a film starring Johnson, an achievement dwarfed by many smaller stars.

This is when everyone realized that Johnson’s hottest film is also the ‘Fast & Furious’ series.

Second, the media thought the ‘Black Adam’ trailer was lame and over-consumed.

The media pointed out that before the release of the movie, Johnson spent a lot of time on social media to promote it and whet the appetite of fans, only to have the trailer reveal itself once it was released.

On the eve of the movie’s release, Johnson repeatedly promoted Henry Cavill’s cameo as if Superman’s egg was more important than the movie.

Third, fans didn’t want a Black Adam solo movie.

Fans thought Black Adam was great as a villain, but he should have been cast alongside characters like Shazam and Superman instead of giving him a solo movie.’ Black Adam’ belongs to Johnson’s wishful thinking.

Fourth, ‘Black Adam’ has failed the Justice Society of America.

Black Adam’ announced the introduction of “Justice Society of America” when many fans excited, but the film only showed Hawkman, Doctor Fate and a few Justice Society of America in a small role, The Flash, Green The Flash, Green Lantern and other big names did not appear.

And Hawkman and other characters in the fight against Black Adam ineffective, very perfunctory.

Fifth, Johnson is not the savior DCU needs.

Not long ago, Warner appointed director James Gunn and producing partner Peter Safran as co-director and co-CEO of the newly formed DC Studios, and the media believes they should not give the green light for a sequel to the failed production.

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